This is list of the some of past guest speakers who came to give presentations at the SCPN. Here you will find some links to their web sites or e-mail address.

SCPN Gatherings for 2010

January 15: Co-Authors Debora Hill and Sandra Brandenburg speak about their fantasy book series "The Lost Myths".

February 19: Panel Discussion on the PantheaCon. The panel consists of those SCPN members who presented at Pantheacon and those who attended.

March 19: Oberon Zell~Ravenheart gives a presentation on "Mythical Beasties".

April 16: Cerridwen Fallingstar A Direct Experience With Reincarnation

May 21: DeAnna L'am - Reverse The Curse! Empowering Parents & Their Children 

June 18: Anne Hill - Dreaming: Ancient Oracles In Modern Times

July 16: Storm Faerywolf - SUBJECT TO BE ANNOUNCED

August 20: Bizarre Bazaar!

September 17: Cougar B. - SUBJECT TO BE ANNOUNCED

October 15: Divination Night & Silent Auction.

October 23: Samhain Celebration & Ritual.

November 19: Bardic Circle - Special guest performer to be announced!

December 17: Yule celebration!

SCPN Gatherings for 2009

On January 16, we had a presenter = Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. His presentation was "The Awakening of Gaia".

On February 20, we had an After the Pantheacon Panel Discussion. 

On March 20, we had a presenter = Macha Nightmare. Her presentation was “Chants and Enchantments.

On May 2, we had a Maypole Dance in the park.

On May 15, we had a presenter = Morning Glory Zell. Her presentation was “Maiden Goddesses of the Springtime”.

On June 12, our presenter, Daniel Foor, topic will be “Foundations of Shamanic Ancestor Work”.

On June 19 – 21, we have our annual camp-out at Doran Beach with ritual on Saturday afternoon.

On July 17, our presenter, Gus Dizerega, topic will be “Pagans and Legitimacy: The Risks of Assimilation”.

On August 21, we are planning a Bar-B-Que type of party.

On September 18, Francesca Gentille topic to be announced later.

On October 16, look forward to our annual Divination Night.

On October 24 (a Saturday evening), we celebrate Samhain with a ritual by Billy2Names followed by a pot luck feast.

On November 20, we have our annual Pagan Open Mic/ Bardic Circle

On December 18, we celebrate Yule with ritual and a pot luck dinner. The ritual will be presented by Hammer of Thor kindred Asatru fellowship.

2008 Speakers

Amrita Joy Ananda Ma, January 18 ~ Extra-Terrestial Shamanism ~ a Shamanic Journey to Find Your Extra-Terestial Roots

Raven Playfaire, February 15 ~ Pagan Healing for Trauma Survivors ~ a 90 minute introductory talk on her five day Trauma Survivor's Seminar.

Shay Lee, March 21 ~ Spring Healing ~ Indulge in the regenerative energy of the spring equinox with Shay.

Tariel Nimara, May 16 ~ Astrology~ Tariel will be doing a presentation on reading astrology charts.

Debra Oak, July 18 ~ Debra is one of the founding members of Reclaiming. Her topic of discussion will be announced closer to the date of presentation.

Windows Into The Realms of Paganism, August 15th Speakers List:

Amrita Joy Ananda Ma, a High Priestess of Wicca, will speak on Eclectic Wicca and the Sexual Dynamic of Nature.

Clarence, a Catholic Pagan (or a Pagan Catholic) will share his journey (to date) of spiritual growth in these traditions.

Corylus, a member of the Rosicrusion Order, will speak on the Druid Tradition.

Francesca Gentille, an initiated Shaman in 4 traditions (Native European, African, Middle Eastern Temple, & Greek) will speak on the foundational keys of cross cultural shamanism focusing on Native European.

Oberon Zell~Ravenheart, of Mythic Images, Church of All Worlds, Grey School of Wizardry will delight us with whatever he wants to talk about.

Shay Lee, a witch of the Celtic tradition, shamanic healer and herbalist, will speak on Green WitchCraft.

Sienna, of Lucky Mojo, will tell us about hoodoo and about Lucky Mojo.

Sierra Carleysdaughter, a Priestress of Dianic Wicca, will discuss the Dianic Wicca in the Z Budapest Tradition.

Thermal, an Elder of the Freefolk Tradition, will speak about Freefolk practices and core beliefs.

Frencesca Gentille and Ty Gesyuk, September 19th, The Alchemy and Touch of Soul - A Shamanically Embodied Journey.

2007 Speakers

Sher and John Christian, January 19, There will be a Pagan poetry reading with drums and howling.

Leeanen Sidhe,
February 16, We will be having a tea party and Leeanen will be teaching a few chants that are sung in rituals. Leeanen's Web Site The Pagan Voice

Amrita Joy,
March 16, Amrita will be facilitating an Eclectic Spring Soltice ritual. Amrita's Website:

Corvus Munnin, April 20, Gives a presentation on meditation. Corvus is a certified instructor of the DASA method of meditation (DASA stands for Developing Awareness through Self Actualization), which is a silent mantra method of meditation developed by Adesha Rein

Francesca Gentile,
May 18, The topic of the presentation will be Shamanism, Sexual Healing, and Shadow. Francesca's Web Site: e-mail: info(at) phone: (510)759-3839

Anne Hill,
July 20, The topic of the presentation will be Dreams and Healing. Anne's Web Site is

Sept. 21, Will facilitate a public Mabon Ritual.


Lady Loren, Nov. 2006, Loren is a Priestess at the Isis Oasis temple and sanctuary,

Motherbear Scott,
Sept. 2006, Poet Priestess, Founder and Visionary Creatrix of Goddess Gather, High Priestess of Magickal Cauldron and of the Cauldron's Eleusinion. e-mail: motherbearscott(at) phone: (707)937-3629
Here are web sites connected to two projects Motherbear is working on right now. and

Francesa Gentille,
Aug. 2006 Diva of Divine Relationships nationally known relationship coach, sacred dancer and cross-cultural minister. e-mail: info(at) phone: (510)759-3839

LaSara FireFox, May 18, 2006, Creating a Self-Defined Magickal Practice

Jeffry Winters, April 28, 2006, Healing with Aphrodisiacs

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Mar. 17, 2006 The Grey School of Wizardry,

Raven Tree-Singing Woman, Jan. 27, 2006 A Chanting Ritual for Brigid


Maggie van Staveren, Sept. 16, 2005, Past Lives: Are they Real or an Illusion?

Joe Baumann, Aug. 19, 2005, A Pagan Solider's Experience Fighting In Iraq.

Cheryl “Li” Walter, Ph.D. July 15, 2005 the Keeping Time Calendar Book.

Catherine Yronwode, May 20, 2005 A Casual Discussion On The Topic Of Folk Magic

Evalena Rose, M. A., a MetaTherapist, March 18th, 2005 Introducing the Joys of Tantra.

Leeanen Sidhe, Feb. 18, 2005, An open discussion on the use of magical wands in spell casting and ritual.
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