Leeanen Sidhe

Hi, I'm the Web Mistress for the SCPN site. I first came to the SCPN in October of 2003. By June 2004 I decided to become a full fledged member. I also have served on the SCPN Board of Directors.

In my heart I feel I've always been Pagan but I began my path of study as solitary practitioner of the Celtic Wiccan faith in 1991. In 2005 I joined the Coven of the Wyrd Sisters which is an electic coven made up members who practice Dianic and Celtic traditions as well as Native American tradition.

If you have any problems with this site or questions then feel free to e-mail me leeanensidhe(at)scpagans.org. If you would like your bio and pic included on this page, please send both along to me. Please be sure any images you send are 100k or less. I reserve the right to edit for space and content.


I was pulled/called to witchcraft from an early age. I remember doing an oral report on witchcraft in the 4th grade. That's when I first heard, in this lifetime, of the Burning Times & The Malleus Maleficarum <sigh>.

Many books & workshops later.....my tradition is RECLAIMING. I'm currently active in a study group connected to Reclaiming as well as the group planning/presenting Reclaiming public rituals (for every sabbat) here in the NorthBay -http://www.northbayreclaiming.com/index.html.

I continue to take workshops/classes (all hail Pantheacon - https://www.pantheacon.com/) as my interest is engaged. I'm currently celebrating full moons w/ a circle that's arisen from a British Traditional Wicca class.

Been involved in SCPN since 2006 and have had the privilege of being a board member since 2007.


I live in Stockton with my life partner, Kashmir. That's her on my shoulder. I work for a national HMO as a physician educator. My specialty is coaching physicians to communicate effectively and respectfully to their patients.

I own land in West County and plan to retire there when the economic crisis
blows over.


Saddly, passed through the veil in 2012. For her memorial page click here.

What can we say, it's Gretchen!

Hi, I'm Gretchen. I was raised in an atheist family, but that indoctrination did not "take" with me. I always knew there was divine order and meaning in what I could see around me of the natural world. After 20 years as a Christian Scientist, I was led to the Craft as a way to recover my lost ability to heal disease. I am now of the Wicca, and very happy about that! 

In addition to being an initiate of the Coven of the Mystic Grove, I also lead The Goddess Group around the Wheel of the Year. I am child-free by choice, and have two cats: Schnoz and the calico Poly Chromatic. I am in the public practice of massage therapy. I love socializing with my Pagan friends, I guess we all do!


Hi my name is Athelia, my name is a derivative of Thalia...the Goddess/Muse of blooming flowers.

I'm orig. from Napa Ca., but I'm most familiar with No. Calif. (San Fran Bay Area) & The No. East (New England).

I first became aquatinted with the SCPN in Nov/02. via my best friend & consort at the time "Xolotl Grimnir". In Nov/04. I joined the SCPN board of directors.

I have been on an eclectic path for the past 13 yrs. now. My interests include the tarot, runes, handcrafting, dreams & the manifestation of spell work. I keep several journals; book of shadows, dream journal, magick journal (what I did) & a general journal (results of what I did).

My kitten's name is "Goomba", "which means greasy lil meat ball"....lol!


I connected with Vicki Noble, who had a School for Women and Shamanism in Berkeley. Her magazine was called SnakePower. I took her 9 month training course. There was such wisdom in the arrangement. We all managed to lift ourselves away from our society and explore being female. What a gift! I was introduced to all kinds of traditions I had previously thought were stupid or completely male-dominated.

I have a deep respect for myself that I had never had before. I discovered that things I had always done privately were part of a particular tradition. The reading list included: The Spiral Dance by Starhawk, The Chalice And The Blade, The Myth Of Inanna.

Of course, everything I had built before these experiences fell apart. I have been rebuilding ever since. I still don't know what tradition I am a part of exactly - the tradition of listening to the earth and my own inner guidance. I focused on healing myself and received what was presented to me. Now I do a process called The Fifteenth Step wherein I visit my spirit guides and have revisited past lives in order to heal.


Greetings all! I moved to California from Canada in 2000. I 'rediscovered' the Craft through a string of 'coincidences' around 1990. If I had to attach a label, I would say I follow a Wiccan Celtic/Dianic Path, though a different form of Dianic than what I have seen so far in California. From my experience living in both Canada and the UK, I am used to a Dianic tradition which includes and honors the male, and I embrace this balance.

I am a Nurse, have majored in Women's Studies, and have recently started a new business venture. I have 4 grown children, and re-married in 2000, to my beloved Norseman and I still consider ourselves newlyweds!

We lead a full life indeed, what with work, home, playing in medieval reenactment, and all of our Pagan connections. We relocated to the England in the Fall of 2004, but stay in touch with all of our wonderful friends in the SCPN, whom we miss dearly!


A Norseman at heart, (though I started a Celtic-Shamanic Path in 1996), I have been following the Asatru tradition since 1999. As a Norseman, my primary hobby is brewing mead, and if I may say so myself, I brew a pretty mean batch!

Mundanely, for the time being, I am working for an engineering corporation near Oxford, have studied CIS and have been a Massage Therapist as well.

I am blissfully married to a Canadian Celtic/Dianic WiccanWitch, with whom the Beltaine fires will never dim!

I love good friends, good food, good drink, laughter, and song… (Doesn't that sound a lot like Pan?) so bring on the mead!


My path is that of the Radical Faerie Shaman though I also follow the teaching of Thelema. By trade, I'm a healer (Massage Therapist, Reki Practitioner and Licensed Esthetician).

When I'm not working I'm usually making straw into gold, or at least wool into yarn and knitting and/or weaving with my hand made yarns.

I live in Guerneville, and while I don't spend as much time as I would like to with the SCPN group (the joys of being a solitaire), I try and do as much as I can.  You would be hard pressed to find a more freaky fiber witch than me, that's for sure. "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" as I always say.


My name is Tess. I've been studying various pagan paths for many years. Having been brought up in a very open-minded household; I've been able to chose my own religious path. I am finding myself drawn to spirituality that's focused on nature. I'm leaning toward Native American and Celtic traditions.

By chance and circumstance I am a caregiver and housekeeper. By trade and desire I'm a creatrix; a seamstress, clothing designer, jewelry designer, leather worker, and general crafty witch. My dream is to live by my creative abilities and to enjoy and be fulfilled by my work.

I have an affinity for creatures of all kinds. My current familiars are: two rabbits; Velvet Kaltes and Cocoa, a guinea pig; Nougat and my beloved brother Tristan Galen (a cat) who happens to be my mother's familiar too. I've been seeking to network with fellow pagans for the last few years. I'd love to find a community of others who share my ideas and beliefs.

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